Sunday, January 27, 2013

We've reached the point of no nonchalantness

We're now just a few hours from the finish of this race and its pretty clear we've reached the point of no more non-chalantness from cars that go out of the race. In fact I think the scale goes something like this:

Out of the race with:

23+ hours to go (4pm-ish)
"man we put a lot of effort into this, it really sucks... lets go drink some beers and fly home before night time even comes"

20 hours to go (5-8pm-ish)
"This race was really just starting to get fun, we were dicing and getting into tit, its a shame so and so wasn't able to jump in the car yet"

17 hours to go (8-11pm-ish)
"man, screw driver X who made this dumb thing happen; we had a contending car; and night racing is getting to be so fun, I guess we're going to get some sleep and/or drink our sorrows away"

Exactly 11pm SPEED goes off air
"God damn fireworks, don't they know we're trying to have a damn race here!"

15 hours to go (11pm-1am)
DP drivers: "Those god damn GT cars need to get the hell off the track! why do they even allow other cars on the track, I will murder them... hold on a secon I'll be back, I'm going to go murder them now"

GT drivers: "Those DP cars are too damn crazy, all swerving and flashing their lights at us, and thats what caused me to miss the bus stop for the 15th time in a  row; don't they realize that..." (murdered by DP driver)

13 hours to go: (1am-3am)
"hah did you see that green car out there, it looks so silly like a giant booger, and my teammate, man he farted in the car before I got it so I'm happy to get awa yfrom all this crazy stuff"

11 hours to go (3am - 5am)
"What yeah it sucks, that umm... stuff.. that was broken by... sleep... car bad stuff can't believe things happened.. we win I think good yes double ferris wheel 360..." (falls asleep)

7 hours to go (5-7am)
"We can't see a damn thing out there with this fog so I'm kind of glad we're out; I mean the car was doing good, night was fun but that fog is some serious craziness, I can't even see the ferris wheel any more."

5 hours to go (7am-10am)
"Son of a bitch! I just wasted my last day and a half, I could have been sleeping god dammit! stupid car, stupid other cars, I hate all of you"

3 hours to go (11am - noon)
"we were sooooo damn close, holy crap I'm going to go drink a whole keg of beer, I can't believe we made it all the way to now only to have blah happen; its f'n ridiculous how much effort we put into this.."

1 hour to go
"F you! F all this stuff, why the F did we do this for so long"

30 minutes to go
"baaahhh!!!!" (crazy throwing stuff)

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