Saturday, January 26, 2013

What has IndyCar started!?

And I mean that in all the best ways for sports fans. IndyCar is the first I can really remember putting split screens up for commercials so folks don't miss the action. NASCAR occasionally picks it up and now it looks like the UFC is doing it in between rounds for the main event fights. Its a good sign for sports consumers. Sure we listen to the commercials but that doesn't mean we're paying attention. Its just a good option and that's what fans want, the option to continue paying attention to their sport.

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Pat W said...

It isn't good at all. It means they can shoehorn in even more commercial breaks because 'hey you aren't missing anything'. Actually, trying to follow a race in a tiny box to the side with no commentary and a loud person inanely selling me something, is next to impossible.

This is terrible news.