Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Madness: Predicting the Top Seeds for the 2013 NCAA Tournament

Here we are, a month away from March Madness, and, to me, this has been the best college basketball season since the 1990s. While it's impossible to tell what is going to happen in the final handful of games on each team's schedule, and even more impossible to predict conference tournament seeds and outcomes, I've decided to take a shot.

As of right now (and before tonight's Rivalry Week games!), here are the 16 teams that I believe will occupy the top of the NCAA Tournament Bracket in March. Teams are separated by seeds.

1: Miami, Indiana, Kansas, Duke

2: Gonzaga, Florida, Michigan, Syracuse

3: Michigan State, Arizona, Georgetown, Louisville

4: New Mexico, Colorado St., Butler, Marquette

Current bubble spots: NC State, Kansas State, Belmont, Creighton

I realize Louisville can play themselves out, but I'm expecting them to put together somewhat of a run here. Also, it will be tough for both New Mexico and Colorado State to get here, so I'm probably off at the four seed already.

Maybe I'll update this each week.  Any thoughts?


Allen Wedge said...

USM rallies from tornado to win it all, doesn't matter what seed :)

Mike said...

Obviously! And no racism from the band this time, either.