Sunday, September 8, 2013

We've been here for years...

The other night, as my longtime boyfriend Peyton Manning began to put on one of the best displays of a passing offense that we will ever witness, I received the dumbest text that I've gotten in a while. It contained this very quote:

"I'm trying to see if I can not watch football this season."

Who sent me this text, you might ask. My wife? Surprisingly, no. She may have said it out loud numerous times that night, but I likely wasn't listening to her. Was it one of my music friends who act like sports are dumb? Nah, even most of those guys jumped on the Saints bandwagon in 2009. So who was it?

That text was sent to me by THE Allen Wedge, creator of Grab Bag Sports and one of the biggest (and smartest) sports fans that I know!

"Screw this crap, I've had it." - Rivers Cuomo/Weezer, "The Good Life"

The very next day, I called a meeting (through e-mail, of course) and rallied the troops. Grab Bag Sports means too much to me, believe it or not, to leave it lying here untouched for so long, so often. The three of us are beyond busy, and it's tough to keep up with this blog. The others have new babies, and I've got a two-year story that involves writing full-time (seemingly everywhere except here) for a period, publishing a book, and then reverting back to basically how things were a couple of years ago. Which, for me, means I should be able to start posting here again! In fact, we all pledged to make a return, as much of one as we can at least.

If Allen is going to choose to not watch football, even as a fantasy-performance experiment of some type, it should be documented here. What is is like to avoid football? Are Monday mornings any different? More productive? More aggravating? Will he miss football, or not? What if the Saints win the Super Bowl again (which they WILL), and he misses every game? What the hell?

Either way, we're back. Count it, put it on the board, circle this date on the calendar of sports history. This isn't something we do for 24 hours in January. It isn't something we do for a few hours on Sunday. We're sports fans and bloggers, so we'll blog about sports. Dammit.

I don't know what you can expect, honestly. Probably more movie live-blogging and video game nonsense from me, hopefully with some fantasy, football, and baseball analysis mixed in at least. I know Speedgeek is ready to get back into writing about racing, and he may have some underground knowledge to drop real soon. (Like Tennessee small-town short-track racing. THAT underground!) And Wedge will surely be watching something if he's truly avoiding football.

It's like LL Cool J said... Don't call it a comeback. But we are back. For good. (For good?)

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