Saturday, November 9, 2013

GBS: Fantasy Masters

I just wanted to take a minute to brag about the fantasy powerhouse that is Grab Bag Sports. Here is clear evidence that the three bloggers here are currently the three leaders in a 16-team fantasy football league.

Years ago I played in (and won!) a 20-team league. Other than that one league, I've spent the last 15+ years playing in leagues with 8, 10, and 12 teams. Big leagues are fun, because you'll end up with players on your roster that you would never find relevant in other leagues. It makes Sundays more exciting, I think.

So this year, I gathered a bunch of friends and we made it to 16. Who knew that Speedgeek, Wedge, and I would be so awesome? So let's break it down.

1. The Soup Kitchen (8-1)

Speedgeek's "The Other Guys"-inspired team (I guess?) has been great, at least since I beat him by 40 in Week 4! He has an easy schedule for our final six weeks, playing only two teams with current winning records (both 5-4). Honestly, with Wedge and I fighting for three other playoff spots, we'd rather it if the Speedgeek would just knock these other teams off anyway. However, led by mid-level players like Alfred Morris and Eric Decker, and playing Andy Dalton or Matt Ryan at quarterback... he has to start losing, right?! 16-team leagues are nuts.

2. Blue Star Red Helmet (6-3)

Wedge's very literally-named team has a more impressive roster, led by Victor Cruz, Tony Romo, Frank Gore, Jason Witten, and Le'Veon Bell. He also has Ray Rice, who could always resurface as a top-five running back. However, his schedule is much tougher down the stretch, as he faces four teams with current winning records, including mine and the other 6-3 squad.

3. Haddonfield Hawks (6-3)

I don't have Michael Myers on my team, but I could've used him at tight end earlier this year. That's right, you can see I've made 55 moves to get to where I am, mostly attempting to find a tight end in the first five weeks. I was finally lucky enough to land Jordan Reed, aka Jimmy Graham Jr. I've had a few tough injuries (mainly Randall Cobb, recently DeMarco Murray and Darren Sproles) and have patched together a roster with guys like Reed, Harry Douglas, Mike James, and Danny Woodhead. Led by Drew Brees and the emergence of T.Y. Hilton (finally!), I'm hoping Roddy White comes on strong at the end to make up for the loss of Cobb. I'll play three teams with current winning records down the stretch, with the matchup against Wedge in Week 13 looking huge.

We'll check back in after the regular season to see how this all plays out. But for now, we clearly rule.

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