Sunday, January 26, 2014

19 Hour Mark Update

Just a quick post-wake up update here (the more substantial update, including Blogathon Pick-'em Challenge updates, will come after Baby Speedgeek goes down for a nap here in 30-45 minutes...too hard to watch the race/type/keep baby from climbing up and then falling off something high like a couch or a kitchen counter all at the same time). The night definitely took its toll on the teams, as it seems to do every year. We're down to just six Prototypes at the top of the timesheet, followed by four GTLM cars, then three LMPC cars before we see another Prototype down in 14th. The GTD class leader is down in 20th overall, which is not too bad given the stiff competition in the grid overall this year.

More very soon, though I do have to mention that there was just a quick discussion on the telecast about Jordan Taylor's excellent mullet, and that his dad, Wayne Taylor, looks to be working on a "mullet lite" of sorts. We are definitely having fun now.

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