Sunday, January 26, 2014

20 Hour Mark Update

As promised, Baby Speedgeek has gone down for a nap, so it's time to get settled in for a bit and see where we stand with four hours to go.


As widely predicted, the Corvette DPs have pretty much dominated. At this point, there are three of them on the lead lap (the #10 Wayne Taylor Racing car, along with both the #5 and #9 Action Express Racing cars), followed one lap down by the #02 Ganassi Riley-Ford EcoBoost, the #6 Muscle Milk Pickett Racing ORECA-Nissan and the #90 Spirit of Daytona Corvette DP (seventh in class is a further 15 laps back). The latter three cars have plenty of time to make up a lap, should they catch a full course caution at just the right time, so I'd say this is a six car race with this much time to go. It'll be a tall task running down any of the top-3 Vettes, but it could be done. Stay tuned.

Le Mans Prototype Challenge

Again, as widely predicted, the #54 CORE team has dominated, and currently hold a lap lead over second in class, the #7 Starworks car. Third in class is the #25 8Star car, another lap back, followed by the #38 Performance Tech car a further six laps back. This is a three car race, at best, at this point, and I'd expect the CORE guys to keep running downhill to the checkered flag.


The top GTLM car, the #911 Porsche North America Porsche 911, runs seventh overall, behind just the top-6 Prototypes. It shares the lead lap in class with the #4 Corvette C7.R, and the #55 RLL BMW Z4 sits just a lap back. Fourth in class is the #91 SRT Motorsport Viper GTS-R, which is four laps behind the #55. This is a three car race, and any one could take the class win.


The #555 Level 5 Motorsports Ferrari 458 Italia leads the class, on the same lap as the #45 Flying Lizard Motorsports Audi R8 LMS and the #58 Snow Racing Porsche 911 GT America. Fourth in class and one lap behind is the #72 SMP/ESM Racing Ferrari 458 Italia, the one that's loaded with Russians on the driving roster. This class could still go to any of the top four or five teams, with this much time left.

GBS Blogathon Pick-'em Challenge (Racing Results)

IMSA has posted hourly standings, which are somewhat inexplicably called at about 55 minutes past the hour, every hour. So, technically, the "hourly" standings are off by about five minutes and could be a little off in the standings, but since none of us was actually paying close enough attention at the 6-, 12- and 18-hour marks, we're going to go with this.

6 Hour Top-3

1 - #01 Ganassi (Wedge - 6 points)
2 - #10 WTR (Speedgeek - 4 points)
3 - #5 AXR (Wedge - 2 points)

12 Hour Top-3

1 - #02 Ganassi (Mike - 6 points)
2 - #9 AXR (nobody - sad trombone)
3 - #10 WTR (Speedgeek - 2 points)

18 Hour Top-3

1 - #9 AXR (nobody - seriously? We suck.)
2 - #10 WTR (Speedgeek - 4 points)
3 - #5 AXR (Wedge - 2 points)

Scott Pruett Family Greeting Challenge

Pruett drove the first stint of the race, so Wedge's 0 hours and 14 minutes guess is certainly wrong. I don't remember Pruett getting out of the car during Fox's coverage of the first hour and 50 minutes of the race, so as long as he in the car another three minutes after Fox went off the air, Mike would be closest. I'm willing to call this one for Mike. (Mike - 5 points, Speedgeek - 3 points, Wedge - 1 point)

Totals Before Final Finishing Order

Speedgeek - 13 points
Wedge - 11 points
Mike - 11 points

An astoundingly close battle, which will go right down to the end, when we award double points, Bernie Ecclestone-style.

Stay tuned. There's plenty of action to come!

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