Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blast from the Past: GBS vs. the Brewers

Tomorrow I will take a look at the Matt Garza contract that he has apparently signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. But first, I wanted to shed some light on our past history with obnoxious Brewers fans, just in case any old friends should come back around.

So a while back (five years ago!), we had a little trouble with some Brewers fans. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I took on the task of doing quick, unbiased MLB previews for each team, something I'm planning to finally bring back this year. My 2009 Brewers preview made many Milwaukee fans upset. Why? Well, because I was too nice! It was insane. The basic ideas were this:

  • I said nice things about their catcher, Jason Kendall.

  • I said a minor league outfielder, Tony Gwynn, deserved a shot. (I live in Nashville and make it out to Sounds games every now and then to watch AAA Brewers. He looked like a decent player in 2008.)

  • At some point, I predicted Ryan Braun would be gone before his huge contract expired.

For what it's worth, Kendall was 11th among MLB catchers in runs created that year. He wasn't terrible, which is all I was saying. Gwynn was traded to San Diego, where he hit .270 for the season with a .350 OBP, which was better than Milwaukee starters Mike Cameron and Corey Hart could muster in 2009. And sure, Braun is still there because no one wants a lying steroid user with a huge contract, and the Yankees already have one of those. But the main idea was that Fielder and Braun wouldn't stay together. I just hate Braun more and went with him over Fielder.

In the end, the Milwaukee Brewers are not a good organization, and I feel sorry for Matt Garza. If the fans can't even control themselves when you say positive things about them, it could get interesting around here. Stay tuned...

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