Saturday, January 25, 2014

Daytona 24 goes off TV earlier every year

Sure it made sense in past years to take Daytona 24 hours to go off air at 11pm to show NASCAR stuff in California that was live, but how in the hell does it make any sense to take it off air for Fox Sports 2 channel which is now going to show the minor league series to United Sports Car that happened yesterday???

This would be like taking off the Yankees and Cubs to show Triple AAA game that happened yesterday.

Fox definitely needs to get that stupidity sorted out. Guess I'm going back to the UFC for now.

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The Speedgeek said...

Yes, the 24 Hours does seem to go off TV earlier every year. You should have seen the face that Mrs. Speedgeek made when I told her at 2:45 Central time this afternoon when I told her that I only had 15 more minutes to watch, and then the next time it'd be on the TV would be 6:00 tomorrow morning...that can't be good for business.