Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Daytona 24 picks are so bad!

I have one decent pick, the 02, apparently. The others (31, 1, 87, 0) are hysterically and possibly historically bad.

My picks are so bad that, if they were an MLB team, they would be the Milwaukee Brewers.

If they were a quarterback, they'd be Ryan Leaf.

If they were a TV show, they'd be Two Broke Girls.

If they were a movie, they'd be Hockey Moms. Without Jason Priestly.

If they were musicians, they'd be Tracy Chapman. The irony, of course, is that they are NOT very FAST CARs.

If they were race cars... you know, other than the ones they actually are... they'd be Chick Hicks. That guy is the worst.

If they were members of The Cars, they would NOT be Ric Ocasek. They wouldn't even be Benjamin Orr. They'd be like Elliot Easton. But at least he gets to be in The Cars. My picks would be the roadies.

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