Sunday, January 26, 2014

What an end to the race... ruined by IMSA officials

First of all, great job by Corvette who takes home overall 1, 2, 3 finish.

But seriously terrible race for IMSA who will be remembers for a terrible website, crashing Timing & Scoring but most of all throwing a caution for no reason at the end of the race and following that up by penalizing the winner of the GT Daytona class for trying to win the race side by side with the Audi. What a crap way to end the race, it was super exciting to the last minute and done completely clean, the Ferrari could have done nothing else, they basicly got penalized for trying to win.

the official call was "avoidable contact" only except on replays they don't even seem to have made contact, it was just good hard racing.

You don't want it to sour your take on the last 24 hours but what a terrible way to spoil the end of the race for the fans and those drivers.

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