Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NFL All-Halloween Team

We're settling into Fall here. Football is on television every night, and Halloween will be here soon. Football and Halloween seem to go together well, and below are the best Halloween-related names throughout NFL (and pro football) history.

Michael Myers - Luckily this guy was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and not Haddonfield, Illinois. Still, Myers piled up 212 tackles and 15.5 career sacks over 10 seasons (1998-2007) with the Cowboys, Browns, Broncos, and Bengals. He also forced four fumbles and had an interception, which is one more NFL interception than Wedge, Speedgeek, and I have combined!

Boo Williams - Although his name is scary, Williams himself probably did not frighten opposing defenses as as much as he could have. Over four seasons with New Orleans (2001-04), Williams caught 107 passes for 1,143 yards and 12 scores. A knee injury ended his career, although he signed with the Arena League's Kansas City Brigade in 2007. After that he sort of... vanished. (Sorry, I had to.)

Candy Miller - Candy is basically the best thing about Halloween, and Miller might have celebrated with a Hershey Bar after scoring his only career touchdown in 1922. The right tackle (how did he score a touchdown?) played two seasons (1922-23) with the Racine Legion and the Canton Bulldogs.

Dick Witcher - Witcher played eight seasons (1966-73) with the 49ers, catching 172 passes for 2,359 yards and 14 touchdowns. It's just a shame he never had a chance to team up with Harvey Salem, a tackle who played with Houston, Detroit, Denver, and Green Bay from 1983-92.

Death Halladay - The man's name was Death, but he surely must have looked alive while scoring his two career touchdowns. Halladay played for the Racine Legion in 1923-24, meaning he was on the same field as Candy Miller for one season.

Dave Casper - He may share his name with a friendly ghost, but Casper was mean enough to accumulate 5,216 receiving yards and 52 touchdowns on 372 career receptions. A tight end with Oakland, Houston, Minnesota, and Los Angeles, he played from 1974-84 and was All-NFL numerous times.

Cody Grimm - Don't fear the Reaper, and you really don't need to fear Grimm too much either. In three years with Tampa Bay (2010-12), he managed just two interceptions in 12 starts. He did bring one back for a touchdown in 2010. 

The following players receive honorable mention for having Halloween-, horror-, or autumn-related names: Mike Scarry, Kordell "Slash" Stewart, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Webster Slaughter, Spider Lockhart, Dick Wolf, Jim Apple, Ryan Leaf, Michael Hay, Vlad Ducasse.

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