Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Thoughts of a (Crazy) Person in Four Fantasy Football Leagues

I've played in four fantasy leagues in one season before. But in those other years, at least one of the leagues was a joke. For a while we had a stupid league with hilarious scoring settings, like negative bonuses and 100-point field goals. Obviously, I wasn't stressing much about that league.

But this year I'm in four leagues, and I'd like to win all four of them. And it kind of sucks. The four leagues cover different facets of my life: family, friends, podcasters, and work. Who wouldn't want to win all of those leagues?

After a weekend where I went 4-0, bringing my overall record to 16-4 across all leagues through five weeks, here are some thoughts, both for anyone considering doing this in the future and to remind myself of this insanity for next year.

  • I own or play against every important player every week. Often both at the same time. "Go, Demaryius, go! No wait! Don't go THAT much! Wait, yes. Go! Score on this defense!" This is not uncommon in my house this year. My kids think I'm nuts. And I am.
  • I've never had so much riding on a Redskins/Seahawks game. Yet last night, there I was with three leagues depending on different outcomes in the Monday night contest. I basically needed Niles Paul to be terrible (he was), Seattle's defense to be unimpressive (they were), and Marshawn Lynch to score a touchdown (he did, at the very end). In a way, yes, this makes it fun to watch football. But on the other hand, I miss just watching the Redskins and the Seahawks (or other random teams) without caring much about what happens.
  • The work league is the worst one. Playing friends and family members is fun. You'll win and you'll lose, and everyone will have fun talking trash via the league site, social media, etc. It makes the holidays fun, but you don't interact in person with most friends or relatives on a daily basis. The work league is the opposite. Everyone sees each other every day throughout the entire day. I'm currently 4-1 and in third place (12 team league), but I'm definitely worried about slipping up here. It's pretty brutal. (Of course, in the meantime, I'm letting the nine losers below me in the standings know I'm awesome.)
  • It's best to own good players across all leagues. I was worried about this at first because of injury concerns and the possibility of hitting four different waiver wires when a star goes down. But I secured Reggie Wayne in all leagues at great draft value, and it's good to know he'll never beat me. Unless I'm playing against Andrew Luck, of course. Other players I own in multiple leagues include: Peyton Manning, Jimmy Graham, Desean Jackson, and the New England defense. If I'm dumb enough to play in this many leagues again, I'll try to make this happen more often.

Upcoming football content: I'll be interviewing Wedge about his return to watching football this season and will be live-blogging while watching the 1988 football flick Johnny Be Good for another edition of GBS at the Movies.

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