Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blogathon 2015 Preview Podcast

This year's Rolex 24 at Daytona is this weekend, and we will be here for our annual Blogathon. Here is our preview podcast where we discuss some of the weekend's events and make all of our predictions for our Pick 'Em Challenge, which Wedge won last year.

Find a complete schedule of events here, including race coverage, Mario Kart online, and a screening of The Fumbleheads (1997). Also, be sure to check out Speedgeek's previews here and here.


Pat W said...

I'm commenting as I listen.

Thanks for the words, I sort of thought my comments were a bit *too* enthusiastic..

I listened to the racing bit.. and I was going to turn it off because I don't understand American sports culture really at all.. but listening to you guys picking from sports they don't know enough about was funny!

Liverpool should win. Easy.

Hahah, I used to live in Southampton. Bit of a craphole when I was there, not so bad now. My sister lives near Crystal Palace in London. Southampton will win are having a great season.

Haha! Morecambe... "more come".. They are from the North of England not Mexico!

Do I have a go at the pick 'ems.. Andy will be pissed, I listened to this instead of doing my ARFL draft and now its gone midnight, err..

Allen Wedge said...

I think we should make a new regular segment of our podcast. Listen to us pronounce the names of teams from other sporting leagues.

And no worries Pat, Andy will win the ARFL again no matter what we do.

The Speedgeek said...

I am utterly delighted to have Pat joining in on the Pick-'em as a non-championship contender. This adds a whole other level to the whole day. And don't worry about the enthusiasm, Pat. We're thrilled to have another guy just like us on board.

And you two have to knock it off. I haven't won ARFL in the last two years...though I'm gonna do my best to change that tomorrow...

Mike said...

I love you guys. But mainly Pat.

I also love that we were saying Morecambe like we were ordering at Taco Bell! I can only imagine how stupid we sounded.

Allen, have you ever used the name ARFL Warffles in that league? Cause you should. Wasn't I the Kip Pardudes? That's a great name.

Watch out for those Southampton street toughs, Crystal Palace!

Pat W said...

I had no idea Crimson Tide was a thing. How is their logo not a submarine?

At least you got Galatasary right. I know who they are, they played Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League.

There's a whole history of how the Crystal Palace was this huge exhibition hall made of glass, in Victorian times, and how the area inherited the name.. and now it's just a crap bit of London where it's cheaper to live.

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