Saturday, January 24, 2015

Can we decide on a correct spelling for DeflateGate?

I know this doesn't have much to do with Blogathon, but it's still all over the sports media every time I look or listen. As a Saints fan, I'm trying not to get upset about the fact that New England will probably not be punished at all, and almost certainly will not receive any kind of consequence that is at all comparable to what New Orleans suffered following the bounty scandal.

My biggest problem with the whole thing, however, is that no one knows exactly how we should spell and punctuate DeflateGate! I've seen Deflate-gate, DeflateGate, Deflate gate, and Deflate Gate. We really need some guidance here. Maybe the league can chime in with something official. It's kind of killing me.


Allen Wedge said...

All I know is today Bellichick said that he had "handled a lot of balls this week"

Mike said...

Why doesn't Bellichick just stand up there and go: "You know what isn't deflated? DEEZ NUTS."