Saturday, January 24, 2015

it's back to the future future year right?

It seems like everyone and their mom wants to point out that this October is the date Marty McFly went to in the future of said movie. Then they complain that we don't have hoverboards or flying cars and bla bla.

Well first of all there are multiple people who have demoed prototype hover boards or quantum lock devices that hover.

More importantly they don't focus on what they got right like video calls, arcade games being out dated, 3d video screens, and portable electronics. Just a few years ago fire the first blogathon this did not even seen possible but I'm blogging from a tablet. Some earlier posts are from my phone. It's definitely not perfect.I struggle with autocorrect like Rafael Nadal struggles with every single time he hits the ball. Seriously Nadal, there's got to be at least one shot that isn't hard on you right?

This is the first time since the first blogathon in 2009 that we aren't watching an Australian Open men's final and it's nice because with only a final you have to wait til early morning for tennis.instead I'm watching this all night.

Now if only I had a virtual reality helmet to watch this in. I'm sure Mike is really hoping they were right about predicting the Cubs to win the World Series this year.

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Mike said...

Wait, what? What is Back to the Future? What is a hoverboard? Who are the Cubs? I don't see this crap posted on my facebook wall each and every day!

Gotcha! Yes I do!