Sunday, January 25, 2015

Keeping on Our Dog Theme for Root Beer

Dogs n Suds – Chicago, IL (4/5)

This is advertised as a “Drive-in style” root beer, and I think it hits that mark most perfectly. This root beer has a lot of fizz/carbonation to it when you open it and when it first hits your tongue. Like many root beers it doesn’t try any specific flavors to go up top like a licorice, wintergreen, spearmint, butterscotch, cinnamon etc. That’s not a bad thing because its an incredibly solid root beer, you could drink a 6 pack of this easy. I think this is mostly if anything a solid food-pairing root beer, meaning its good to be kicking back root beer but allows you to concentrate on the food, be it burgers, pizza whatever.

This is a root beer you use to introduce people to root beer, its solid, very tingly like a sharp soda, but not crazy heavy on anything. Of course I think that’s also what stops it from being a top performer; its safe and solid, you could drink this any time but I don’t know that I’d be making recommendations or seeking this one out. This is what you want accompanying your drive in food, but the food will be the star. The one thing that does stand out as top notch is the labeling/logo; its an absolute perfect perfect fit for this root beer, fun and inviting, not enough root beers spend enough time on their labeling/logo, this brings it from a solid 3 to a solid 4 for me.

Its made/bottled by “Clover Club Bottling” in Chicago who, much like Orca in Washinton, don’t appear to be the originators of the recipe/brand. Also interesting is that when you search for them comes up as the top result but the web site no longer exists. Hope they are still alive and kicking out root beer because the world needs more solid brews like this that don’t need you to convince people what makes a solid root beer.

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