Saturday, January 24, 2015

LSU-Vanderbilt Thoughts

This has been such a great game. It’s clear LSU isn’t ready to be a top team just yet, but they are definitely exciting and have a really bright future. Here are a few thoughts I had during the game.

- LSU has great freshmen and sophomores. But they let Vandy’s Damian Jones get out of Baton Rouge, and he’s awesome.

- Bruce Hornsby’s son Keith is a great spark off the Tiger bench. And of course, when he hits a big shot, you have to sing “That’s Just the Way It Is” at the other team.

- LSU doesn’t have enough shooters to win enough in the postseason, but they’re athletic enough to cause a lot of trouble for other teams.

- And now LSU has pulled out an overtime win. That was huge, considering Vandy played better for the first 30 minutes. This is an exciting Tigers team.

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