Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prepared for a Blogathon!

As TV coverage for the 24 Hours of Daytona kicks off, every year we tend to post pictures of our snacks and supplies that will keep us alive awake and alert... and fattened during the 24 hour sports marathon. This year is no different, but I wanted to preview some upcoming reviews of sorts.

This year as we're snowed/freezing rained in here in D.C. I needed to make sure I was stocked full of the appropriate supplies, namely root beer... and plenty of it:

52 different rot beers to be exact, from all around the world... not an exaggeration, while 99% of root beer is an American thing, I found a root beer from Australia so this is now global, and throughout Blogathon this year I will be doing reviews of many of these amazing bottles of bliss.

I was able to amass this awesome collection via the amazing Root Beer Store of Seattle, who does online ordering and shipping. Sadly though, we lost 3 of the bottles in transit because it was 12 degrees outside when they arrived and 3 of them froze and burst...

Let us please pause and have a moment of silence...

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