Sunday, January 25, 2015

We need better commercials... like John Madden and Miller Lite

So of course since I said Dimitrov looks tired, he has since made it interesting again. But my major complaint over the last couple of years is that the commercials are kind of lame. For a while, like on Speed network, we were getting some great cheesy commercials for a few years. We had the DVD kiosks, the military DVDs that made you feel like a bastard if you didn't buy them, etc.

I feel like we at least need to raise the level of the sports commercials during big weekends like this. We know next weekend will introduce great spots due to the Super Bowl. But really, I think they should focus on providing more sports-related material during all big events, like some of the ones we cover during Blogathon.

I miss commercials like this one, where John Madden got to show that he was an absolute lunatic.

I'll add some other classic sports commercials throughout the morning as well.

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