Sunday, January 25, 2015

When it Comes to Root Beers, Maine Is On It

Sea Dog – Portland, Maine (5/5)

This is a snappy root beer to keep ye scallywags in tip top shape. Seriously though Maine is 2 for 2 in making great root beer to me (Maine Root the other). "Maine Owned and Maine brewed" Sea Dog give you a great wintergreen kick but then vanilla aftertaste as it goes down. This is truly an excellent root beer and I love that these guys aren't all secretive to hide behind “natural and artificial flavors” like many brewers do, they put their key ingredients right on there.

I think my favorite part of this root beer is that it somehow gets a sharp fizz, a perfect amount of carbonation in there for a kick along from the wintergreen and some kind of spices, yet as you go to swallow you taste the vanilla and it feels more heavy, its like its sharp and heavy throughout the process; a great root beer here, excellent and worth a 6 pack or more!

Seriously I could drink this all day, big props to Sea Dog Brewing Co. I also really really want to visit these guys as it looks like they have 4 restaurants, and Andy and Mike should check out their beers. If the root beer is any indication the beer should be amazing.

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Mike said...

I think I've had a blueberry beer of some kind from these guys.