Thursday, January 28, 2016

Blogathon 2016: Crackerjack Preview

One of my many strange hobbies involves watching bad movies. I usually limit myself to the horror genre, but this blog has given me some opportunities to branch out and explore some of the truly awful sports movies that have been produced.

Past Blogathons have seen me live-blogging about films like "Driven," "Hockey Mom" (legitimately aka "Chicks With Sticks"), and last year's "Fumbleheads."

But what in the world have I gotten myself into this year with this "Crackerjack" nonsense? Not only does it look terrible, which is how it got picked. But I'm kind of having trouble finding much info about it, which is weird, since it was released just a few years ago and clearly has Jeff Foxworthy's name on the cast list. (The same Jeff Foxworthy who is currently advertising the Golden Corral $2.99 take home box! Yum! Can I fill the whole box with questionable chocolate from the fountain?!)

Part of the trouble with "Crackerjack" is that there seems to be a somewhat decent film of the same name that was released in 2002. What might further confuse people is that the 2002 film is about bowling, so it is also a sports flick. But I suspect that some of the 2013 film's 6.2 rating on IMDB is a result of some confused fans of the older movie. The one-star total on Netflix seems more realistic.

The kinds of "reviews" I have found for the "Crackerjack" we'll be watching all look something like this:
"This is just the kind of stupid movie that this site's software uses when it can't find anything that you would really be interested in!" - random Netflix user  
"Awesome Movie! Some genuine laugh out loud moments. Great Southern Charm. My Wife and I loved this movie. Feel good adult Christian movie." - KDGAMER, Fandango 
"This movie currently being filmed in Savannah GA. My church is in a few scenes as well as many other areas in town." - D,
What does any of this even mean? I realize the last one's not even a review, but that's the kind of stuff that exists in Internet land. Either way, it all adds up to pure anticipation for us here at GBS.

Hopefully after Saturday night, future "Crackerjack" viewers will have new info to read before diving in!

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