Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daytona 18 Hour Mark Update

Overall, the top-3 at the end of 18 Hours was the #5 Action Express Corvette, followed by the #2 ESM Ligier-Honda and the #10 Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette. The #31 Action Express Corvette, the #90 Visit Florida Corvette and the #01 Ganassi Riley Ford are all also on the lead lap as well.

In GTLM, the #3 and #4 Corvettes are basically nose to tail with the #912 Porsche, while the #25 BMW, the #68 Ferrari, the #72 Ferrari and the #911 Porsche are all also on the lead lap.

In GTD, there are eight or nine cars on the lead lap, led by the #44 Magnus Racing Audi (yay).

In LMPC, well, the #85 has a nine lap lead on the #26.

Uh, oh, the #31 Corvette DP just pulled back to the garage area. Things are changing by the minute here.


Mike said...

Ugh! My 90 was right there just before the 18-hour mark, and my 2 took the lead just AFTER it. Sppedgeek is killing us! Post coming in a second...

The Speedgeek said...

Well, Mike, you can take solace in the fact that the #2 is a freaking rocket ship. Nobody else has the pace to stay with it, so if there is a long period of green flag, it might get away and put some of the other lead pack guys a lap down. Or, if there's a late caution to bunch the field, it could pull away and go hide from everybody. You may yet be in the catbird seat in 5 1/2 hours.

Mike said...

That's what I like to hear.