Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'll say this about the racing...

I can totally appreciate the way they keep these cars on the track by basically keeping them from falling apart. Although I got myself a nice little Nissan Versa last year and can't say that I've missed being stranded on a Nashville interstate (shout out to my boys 65 and 440!) at any point in the last six months, the few cars I owned before this one could barely be considered "vehicles."

On the 1992 Honda Accord that I had to finally give up in July, I had to use packing tape to keep the back windows up! And then somehow wasps still managed to get in and would all die behind the back seats on top of the speakers that didn't work. My kids were terrified to ride in the wasp car. The DEAD WASP car.

I wonder if any of these cars have dead wasps in them?

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