Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick thought on this Baylor thing

Many other media will go on or ignore this story.. but frankly I've got 3 quick thoughts.

#1 - people who want to say, Baylor is terrible, my school never does this, is delusional

#2 - I feel like the biggest change for this decade is truth through evidence. The biggest stories this year are things caught on camera, things leaked through press and internet and its only going to grow. Basically its getting harder and harder to eliminate evidence and its just showing more and more of us are terrible people and not what glossy thing people have built up in their heads.

#3 - the thing I really don't get in al the NCAA coverups like this and Winston etc. What do the police get out of covering up several sexual assaults for Baylor? I doubt Baylor as paying them, or giving them tickets, they are literally helping destroy girls lives because they want a team they root for to win a meaningless competition... That's worth covering up sexual assault? And even if you care about games so much, Baylor isn't winning any championships. This is as bad as NC faking classes so their team could finish 6-6.

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