Saturday, January 30, 2016

Speedgeek's 7 Hour Check-in

Hey, everybody. Sorry for being a little quiet this far today. The early part of the day was taken up with a record speed draft for our All Racing Fantasy League, which wrapped up just as the field was on the pace laps at Daytona. Follow that up with a bunch of clerical stuff that needed to be done for ARFL, then taking advantage of some warm Tennessee weather to get the kids outside, and, well, I'm a little behind on all things Daytona. I've been scrambling for the last hour or 90 minutes to fix that, but I think I'm there.

What have we seen so far?

The Delta Wing Flies
The Delta Wing was incredibly fast early on, and led a good portion of the early going, but wound up hitting a car that was stationary in the infield, and is out with tub damage. One thing is for certain, we'll be seeing more of the Delta Wing at the front of fields before the season is over, especially at tracks where straight line speed is important.

So Have the P2s
The Michael Shank #60 has led a bunch of laps, and currently sits in 6th overall. In addition, the #2 ESM car sits in 3rd, so the P2 cars are very much in this for a possible victory. 

More Tangles Than a Hair Salon
I just saw a recap of the race thus far, and it looks like it's been non-stop incidents. I know it hasn't been, from what I've actually seen the last 90 minutes, but there has been a LOT of contact for a race that isn't even close to midnight yet.

The New Car Blues Is a Thing That Is Real
One of the Mazda Prototypes was out after just 11 laps, and the GTLM Ford GTs have been beset by issues. The GTD Lamborghinis are still hanging in there, as are the new GTLM/GTD BMW M6s, but we've got a long way to go.

Lots of Battling
Every class except for LMPC has a lead margin of less than 10 seconds, but I suppose some of that is to be expected with as many cautions as there's been. But the action has been fast and furious, and I don't see that ending any time soon.

So, I'm settling in, and I should have at least a timing and scoring screen going, along with maybe the stream, in addition to the Netflix stream of Crackerjack. I've had a Green Flash Single Hop IPA, and the fridge is still well stocked, so let's get to it.

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