Sunday, January 31, 2016

Well, That'll Re-mix Things

Kyle Larson just stuffed the #02 Ganassi car into the tire barrier in the infield...hard. Like, that car is probably done for the day because the floor and basically everything ahead of the front axle line is done for. But, the good news is that that more or less nullifies the pit lane speeding penalty that the #2 ESM Ligier had to serve that had dropped it some 20-25 seconds behind the leading #10 Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette. So, we've now got three cars on the lead lap (those two, plus the #90 Visit Florida Corvette) and FIVE GTLM cars on the lead lap of that class (the #3 Corvette, the #68 Ferrari, the #912 Porsche, the #25 BMW and the #4 Corvette...meaning four different manufacturers in the top-4, which is awesome). Oh, also EIGHT GTD cars on the lead lap of that class (I'm not listing them because it's over a third of the class).

We've got a fantastic last 150 minutes to come.


Mike said...

We really need to add class scoring next year, even if it's just 3-2-1 points for each class.

The Speedgeek said...

Noted. And seconded. We're already drafting 30 of the 54 cars in the race, anyway, so might as well hang some points on the other three classes.