Friday, February 26, 2016

Possible recent excerpts from the journal of Cubs outfielder Matt Szczur

Look, I like Matt Szczur, in a "possible 5th or 6th outfielder with some hidden potential" kind of way. But there's no doubt that the recent outfield transactions made by the Chicago Cubs, while upgrading the roster, have likely had a large impact on Szczur's chances of making the team this year.

Below is what I imagine some of his recent journal excerpts might look like:

12.01.15 - Well, it looks like Fowler is probably gone. Maybe Baez will start playing some outfield. But either way, I could have a shot at the 4th or 5th outfield slot next year, assuming Almora doesn't explode like Bryant, Soler, Russell, and Schwarber did last year.

12.08.15 - Signed Zobrist, but traded Castro. So maybe this won't impact the OF too much.

12.15.15 - Signed Heyward to an 8-year deal. OK, that affects the OF. Still, with Heyward, Soler, and Schwarber, that might leave Coghlan and me going for two spots. This could work!

02.17.16 - (1st entry) Matt Murton will be in camp. That's nice. He could be a good instructor.

02.17.16 - (2nd entry) Oh wait. Murton is still a player? Well, I hit .292 with a .355 OBP last year at Iowa. This is just for insurance. No big deal.

02.25.16 - (1st entry) Coghlan got traded. Well, that's a surprise, but we had a lot of depth and flexibility, especially with Baez and Zobrist on the roster. Things could be looking up!

02.25.16 - (2nd entry) Fowler is back?! How in the hell did that happen? One minute I'm shagging flies, the next minute Dexter is out here hugging everyone. This is outrageous.

02.26.16 - Victorino?! We signed Shane Victorino?! Cheese and rice. If anyone needs me, I'll just be binge-watching "Fuller House" with Matt Murton today, waiting for us to sign Ian Desmond or Austin Jackson.

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