Sunday, January 27, 2019

2019 Daytona 24 Hours - 23.5 Hour Update

Just kidding, the race is over. Red flagged for the last hour or so, and with the conditions not really getting any better, the race was called with about 10 minutes to go. Fair enough, because every time they restarted, it was obvious that the track was a complete skating rink. So, with that, we've got our final standings:

1) #10 Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac (Mike - 12 points)
2) #31 Whelen Engineering Cadillac (Speedgeek - 8 points)
3) #7 Penske Acura (Wedge - 4 points)

1) #25 BMW M8 GTE (Speedgeek - 6 points)
2) #62 Ferrari 388 GTE (Mike - 4 points)
3) #67 Ford GT (Wedge - 2 points)

1) #11 Grasser Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (Mike - 6 points)
2) #29 Montplast by Land Audi R8 GT3 (Speedgeek - 4 points)
3) #12 AIM Vasser-Sullivan Lexus RC-F GT3 (Speedgeek - 2 points)

24 Hour Points:

Mike - 22 points
Speedgeek - 20 points
Wedge - 6 points

And the overall total:

Mike - 59 points
Speedgeek - 38 points
Wedge - 22 points

So, the racing portion of the Blogathon is wrapped up. There's maybe not a ton to talk about, since there was only like 40 minutes or something of racing in the last 7 hours of the 24 hours, but we did get a guest overall win by Fernando Alonso and Kamui Kobayashi, BMW winning GTLM basically out of nowhere, and the Grasser Lambo winning GTD for the second year in a row (shoutout to my dude Aaron Telitz, who was in the Lexus that finished 3rd in GTD on his sports car debut).

We'll have a bit more in a bit, with the curling results. We've got a couple of tense games through two and four ends!

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