Saturday, January 26, 2019

Blogathon 2019 Beer #1

Greetings to all from Blogathon West HQ. We're already into the second half of the first hour of the 24 Hours of Daytona, and it's already a cracking good race, with the Acuras chasing the lead Mazda out front, and the second Mazda and Action Express Caddys in hot pursuit. Our 2019 All Racing Fantasy Draft went off without a hitch this morning, in probable record time (125 minutes, first pick to the last), and NBCSN has already made a strong debut with their IMSA coverage with a fantastic graphic package that shows the top cars in every class, with gaps to the leader. It's good times here.

Meanwhile, Blogathon Beer #1 has been opened. Something a little tropical, as a tip of the hat to the good folks down in Florida this weekend...and a tip of the hat to our dude in KC, Tech N9ne:

We'll be checking in periodically here and there, as events dictate (and childless minutes allow). Enjoy!

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Mike said...

As a casual observer, I agree that this coverage is already better.