Sunday, January 27, 2019

If our jobs were like tennis...

If our jobs were like tennis...

- Every time we went to write something, we'd take out two pens, inspect them, and then just toss one behind us for the trash-pen boy to scurry over and pick up for us.

- When we typed an email, every time we hit send, we'd go, "UGH!" really loudly.

- We'd dump out the old coffee, set up a new pot, turn it on, wipe our face with a towel, throw it on the ground (or to the trash-pen boy), and walk away back to our desk.

- We'd get one thing accomplished and then go sit down, stare into space, and eat a granola bar. Oh wait... Lots of people actually do this one...

Anything else?

(In actual important news, Djokovic just won Nadal's serve to go up 2-1 here in the third set. If he wins his serve here, it could be basically over.)

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