Saturday, January 25, 2020

Speedgeek's Blogathon Beer #1

After spending a couple of the early hours doing stuff like "staying in the good graces of my family", I've been able to settle in and watch some of the race. I tuned in about 4 minutes after my Penske Acura #7 (my pick to win the race, one of my Pick 'Em game picks AND I grabbed both Helio Castroneves and Ricky Taylor in the All Racing Fantasy League draft today), got T-boned by the #55 Mazda at the bus stop chicane. Great. Good news: I have some good beer here. To wit:

So, we're settled in now, and looking an hour down the road to the Blogathon Bad Sports Movie (because the race is basically ruined for me, as far as my picks go). I'll work on the 6 Hour scores here, hopefully to be posted before the movie (because that's gonna command my full attention, especially since I'm not versed in the Benchwarmer Universe, as I missed Part 1). Good to be here!

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