Saturday, January 30, 2021

Blogathon 2021: Limerick #1

Hey everybody! Things are way more laid-back this year. It's been crazy for everyone, of course, and we didn't prepare much for the weekend. We are going to do some live Mario Kart a little later, and I'll likely still live-blog a bad sports movie at some point tomorrow. Stay tuned for details. We also did draft cars for the race, so Speedgeek will be updating our scores for that.

I'll try to check in throughout the weekend while getting over my heartbreak from that LSU/Texas Tech game.

For now, here's a dumb limerick to kick things off...

Once again, Blogathon's here,
And I just wasn't ready this year.
But you'll likely deduce
I like any excuse
To have some hot wings and some beer!

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