Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a few points

So Tennessee's reign lasted a day or so. They were completely out-played by a team with less talent who had two of its top three players on the bench for most of the second half. As much as I like Bruce Pearl, I have to point to coaching. I understand the bench position is awkward, but it is not an excuse for being out-coached. Tennessee was taking dumb shots and making even dumber fouls. When you are more athletic than the other team, you cannot continue to send them to the free throw line. Like I said yesterday, Foster did step up. But I never thought they could pull it off with Ogilvy in foul trouble. Great win for Vandy.

It seems the NFL is doing away with the salary cap. I'll talk more about it if it actually happens, but I have to agree. These leagues are businesses (sorry purists, but go watch high school and college if you can't accept that) and this is America. There are no other businesses in America that have to compete on the same level with one another. I am as big of a baseball fan as anyone and the day that the Devil Rays win the AL East, it will mean that much more. The AL East is exactly what our country is like. Being a dealt a winning hand right away OR... accepting your place and doing your best and, when the stars align, coming out on top and reaping the benefits of hard work. I do not really like the Yankees, but I love having them in baseball.

Speaking of baseball, Spring Training is here. Games start today. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post some of my predictions for the season.

And I updated my profile to show my favorite teams (my biases) and a list of the top high school basketball players I've seen.

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