Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peace at Last!

The Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD war seems to be over, Fidel Castro has resigned... and now it seems the Champ Cart/CART vs. IRL war may finally be over... what has this world come to!?

I'm going to wait for more official word before I go too in depth on the merger/unification (mostly because no official details have been released, yet IRL testing starts a week from now), but I will be obviously most happy just to see everyone on the same track at the same time, even if this is a transition year for a lot of teams, but secondly will be incredibly happy for something almost as huge for me...

People will inevitably stop talking about this crap!

For 12 years now people continue to bring up Tony George vs Kalkhoven & Forsythe vs CART vs whoever. People have become so involved in this crap they have forgotten that both series were pretty darned good racing, and instead were busy commentating simply on the split itself...than noticing any of the on-track news stories and drivers and teams and if this deal is done, then that is freaking over! Amen to that!

Sure for a few months maybe even a year people might comment about pre-unification and their dislike of George or the new series BUT in time it'll become like commenting about the AFL vs NFL or NFL pre replay or pre 2-point conversion... in time there will be idiot old people who may think about it, but now, hopefully, we can all look forward to a time when people argue about drivers, and rules, and opinions on the racing itself...all the media and bloggers can focus on the product at hand and not some silly "war" frankly I think some forums may well implode at this idea...

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