Monday, July 21, 2008

Can IndyCar get publicity for the racing?

Firstly, so sorry I haven't posted in forever; as I said earlier we went on an 11-day roadtrip to go house-hunting only to have our buyers on our house fall off and then get it set again and in there we had the chance to attend the torrential downpoured Nashville 200. Since its two weeks out I'll say only three quick things from Nashville:

1) Its a beautiful track and area, but we didn't see a single smidgen of promotion and the racing was great like a soccer match: only for those who know how to appreciate it, my nephews I can say loved it still though. 2) Brian Barnhart needs to go big time, Danica really should have been in the lead for the first half of the race but Barnhart allowed Helio to take almost 4 or 5 separate very dangerous swipe-blocks at Danica, if I were her I'd have just run into him by the 5th time. 3) This is my second time seeing them live and I can say for certain that the Indy Lights cars are the most obscenely obnoxious loud cars I've heard that wasn't on a drag strip. MY nephews actually asked us to leave the track they were so lound, and we all had heavy duty earplugs in, if the Atlantics, and Indy Car Series can be low enough we don't need earplugs, there is no reason we should go deaf with earplugs for the Lights Series.

now on to Mid-Ohio:
A VERY entertaining race though a crazy kind, but I love nothing more than parity and unexpectedness and we got that for the first 95% of the race. Unfortunately too many yellow's and much good strategy by the Penske Team gave us our much boring 5+ second victory gap for Ryan Briscoe and his team who should be much commended for turning such a decision-gaffe early on into a win.

On another note, I wonder what the record for most laps led without a win are and if Vitor Meira is approaching that mark...?

And now of course for the publicized incident. Theres nothing more to see than that video and the Briscoe incident to tell you Danica is not cool under pressure and cannot contain her wild emotions as right as she may have been in this situation...

to the same token D&R desperately needs to find a sponsor to get Townsend Bell in that car full time, Milka is nothing but dangerous out there, and its especially noticeable now that shes trying out the road courses, where she was supposed to have her experience... in all I can't really say it any better than Kurt Van Der Dussen at Auto Racing

"Duno may have four master’s degrees, but if driver skill in an Indy car were equated to educational level, she’s nowhere close. In a sport where legends A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Rick Mears and Al Unser Sr. would be the Ph.D.s, the current crop of Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan would have master’s degrees, Danica would be among those with a bachelor’s degree, and Milka would he a high school graduate who just couldn’t cut it in college.

With all the symbolic implications that add weight to this particular incident, the one that at the level of racing as sport and competition should not be lost as the ultimate bottom line is that Milka Duno just does not belong in an Indy car."

Can anyone really say it any better than that?


The American Mutt said...

Did you happen to notice how slow Dixon was going during the last rain caution? They didn't make him run the "pace" the "pace car" was running at Nashville--thus allowing him to save fuel and get a BS win. Also--if you tell the fans to leave, you end the race. Am I right?

Allen Wedge said...

Oh no kidding; when we were just about to get under the grandstands we noticed the cars were heading into the pits... for for fuel and tires, not for a red flag...we were baffled.

I understand the track has to look out for the liability, but so dies the IRL for its drivers and crew members; either the track jumped the gun or the IRL played with fire leaving the drivers out; hindsight tells us it was the track that messed up but who knows what the information was at the time but it was most certainly not shared between the two?

Time I$ Money ! said...

Hey, glad to see you back in blog mode. Thanks for the post.