Friday, October 3, 2008

Lots of news for all

Unfortunately very bad news about a lot of people's favorite driver. In case you hadn't heard, Helio Castroneves has been indicted for $2 million in tax evasion; or failure to report $5 million in wages. We really have to wait for more details to come out to know how this will affect Helio's driving, and more specifically, his driving for Roger Penske as most assume the feds will not allow him to leave the area, let alone the country (Surfer's Paradise race).

The fact I can tell you though is this; the feds do not bring out cases they can't win and don't have surmountable evidence for...e.g. Michael Vick.

Of course there is more to this as it progresses, but as more details come out it looks worse and worse...


In College football news, we can say goodbye to yet another top 10 Undefeated BCS conference team as the University of South Florida went down to the staunt unranked Pittsburg Defense, and most likely eliminating the Big East's hopes for a National Championship participant. And to my very delight, Utah managed to get its act together and beat Oregon State in a game containing possibly one of the most understated pass 'interference' calls you'll see...

... or since Utah isn't a BCS conference school and we're all going to pretend that Oregon State, the team Utah just beat, didn't just beat the #1 ranked University of Southern California just last week.

Let's just give a lesson to all secondary defenders; when the reciever stops to turn around for the ball; don't, I repeat, don't just run him completely over and flatten him to the ground... in fact, in this particular case (Utah's 2-point conversion attempt) had you just turned your head slightly to your left you'd have been able to simply intercept the ball that was thrown short of the receiver's route.


lastly, though this has no news about it; Mrs. Wedge and I have been netflixing the TV show 'Las Vegas' and once before I had noticed on an episode that in the sports betting area that the Indy 500 was on one of the TVs and I thought that was cool.

Well we just started the 5th season today and again the Indy 500 was in another episode and I once again though that was cool.... however in that same episode, as the day progresses into afternoon, and then again into night... the live Indy 500 is still on TVs...

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