Thursday, October 30, 2008

Upside-Down Indy Cars?

So with the season officially ending we're looking at 5 months of non-race/non-official-practice activity. So what's a fan to do? Well I think I'm going to spend time handing out some fun things for fans to undertake.

So Offseason fun #1:
I think its time we try to get some outside coverage as well as put Scott Goodyear's much repeated downforce' IndyCars on the ceiling' theory to the test; MYTHBUSTERS style!

For those of you not familiar with Mythbusters; it is a Discovery Channel TV show and the name says it all, they take theories/myths/movies and test them as far as scientificly possible. Well today I proposed a theory/myth on their official messageboard (which is actually where they get most of their myths, and where they tell you to submit them for consideration).

MY fun mission #1 for IndyCar fans; go here and stir up you ideas on Scott Goodyear's upside down indycar theory, drive the hits for this part of the board so it'll get some traction and maybe it'll get looked at by the show, who knows? Either way its fun to see all the theories.

Bring in your offseason ideas too and I'll gladly post it and spread the word to whatever IndyCar fans read this thing.

NEXT TIME ON FUN IDEAS: IndyCar Scavenger Hunt!?

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