Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quick 24 Predictions

Hello, all! Since I'm apparently allergic to posting on my own 'blog, I'm thrilled that 'Wedge has allowed me to come over here and contribute. They don't have pets over here, so there's no dander to get in my eyes, which makes it impossible to type.

Just thought I'd weigh in with some quick predictions, since nobody asked.

1) Misfortune will befall both Ganassi cars, one of them before midnight and the other one sometime early morning tomorrow. I just can't imagine how their luck continues to hold out. Yeah, I know, those guys make their own luck, but even so, it seems like something you can only make a finite amount of.

2) The Penske car will be in the running down to the final hour. Big, big series debut for those guys (I don't count the co-entry with Taylor last year).

3) DP win goes to the Gainsco car, leading us to three weeks of "Jimmy Johnson's already won a race this Speedweeks!" during 500 coverage. Meanwhile, Jon Fogarty continues to toil in obscurity and Alex Gurney continues to rely on his dad's name to get free meals whnever he visits the Seneca Lodge.

4) GT win goes to a Porsche. Also, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Gonna be a great one, even with this year's reduced car count. All of the "good" teams are back, and that's where the racing matters most. Enjoy it, folks!

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