Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: Oakland A's

Oakland A's

IF (3.5/5) - Giambi is back and will play some 1B (with Barton) and will DH some. Ellis, Chavez, Crosby, and Suzuki are all pretty good. Chavez isn't playing yet after his surgery.

OF (3.5/5) - Getting Holiday was huge, though you know he's gone after this year. Sweeney, Cust, and Buck will all play.

SP (3/5) - Duchscherer should be ready to start the season. The rest of this rotation is young and inexperienced, but with tons of potential. Eveland had a good season. Gallagher has looked really good at times, yet can also look dreadful. Hopefully he'll put it together. Braden should get the 4th spot. There are about 5 qualified guys going for the last spot.

RP (4/5) - Impressive staff. More good, young pitchers with lots of upside. Wuertz and Springer add experience.

Wildcards: Gio Gonzales, Josh Outman, Orlando Cabrera

[Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on your team. I think it's fun to do this stuff before a season starts and then see how close (or how far off) I was. If you spend time from your day insulting us, telling others to insult us, or posting in a blog or messageboard about how wrong our opinions are, then we are flattered!]

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