Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a few things...

I figured I'd just keep this post open for any notes I may want to make tonight. I'll add times each time I edit.


- OK, I'm going to start using the FW Twitter account for thoughts during games. I'll try to put a "Furious:" before anything I type.


- Davidson had an 11-point lead until South Carolina worked hard and cut it to 4. Yet I just watched them go down two trips in a row and miss three-pointers. If they'd worked it inside for better shots, this game could be tied.


- USA takes the lead 2-1 with some great at-bats here in the 2nd inning. More importantly, as a Cubs fan, I am really going to miss Mark DeRosa.


- Well, I wanted to see Davidson play and at least I get to see them in the NIT tonight. Unfortunately, they're playing South Carolina. I have decided that the SEC did not get the respect it deserved this year and would now like to see them win as much as possible this week, in either tournament. Sorry, Stephen Curry.

- On PTI they were saying how the teams playing the NCAA play-in game tonight are actually lucky because they have the sports stage all to themselves. I disagree, as Randy Jackson would say, one hundred million trillion percent. First of all, I do not even know who the two schools are. Since they are not even listed on the brackets, I assume most people are like me and do not care. I'll put it on at some point just to check in. But I'm much more interested in the WBC and this Davidson/SC game honestly.

- USA plays tonight to avoid elimination and one of my favorite pitchers, Ted Lilly, is throwing. Should be a good one.

- I listened to an interview Dan Patrick did with Saul Phillips, the head coach for North Dakota State. He was a great, funny guy who I'd like to root for. Too bad they open with Kansas. But keep your eyes open for him. If they pull an upset this year, come back next year, or if he gets a job at a "bigger" school, he'll likely become a pretty popular guy.

- I swear Ron Santo burped during the Cubs radio broadcast yesterday. He waited a few seconds, then politely said, "Excuse me." Pat Hughes just asked him if his cough button was broken. Reason #6,823 why I am a Cubs fan.

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