Friday, October 23, 2009

A Furious/Wedge text conversation...

As long as we're releasing transcripts of text conversations, here's one that Wedge and I had just today! Enjoy...


Furious: u love me

Wedge: um, ok. can you set-up our fantasy basketball league? the season starts next week.

Furious: Im gonna have all of u soon

Wedge: yeah right. i'm winning it all this year.

Wedge: are you setting it up?

Furious: hi baby

Wedge: huh? where are you?

Furious: home

Wedge: are you setting up the league?

Furious: Im at the store tryin to fix it

Wedge: you're setting up the league at a store? can't you do it at home??

Furious: yes but I have people comin to look at the furniture 2day

Furious: Baby I might have a break down im so stressed

Wedge: are you talking to me?

Furious: baby I need to pay the cell phone bills n the hospital.can u transfer 2000 to my acc

Furious: baby I might need to go to the whats wrong w me i can hardly breath

Wedge: i don't know what the hell is wrong with you, but i'm not giving you $2,000!

Furious: just got home

Wedge: good. can you set up the basketball league now?

Furious: im tryin I just want this pain in my chest to go away

Wedge: dude, just go to yahoo and set it up.

Furious: im gonna try to sleep. If it dnt go away im goin to the hospital.

Wedge: uh, ok.

Furious: baby I wanna pay some of my bills b4 I go to wrk. All this bills n everythin else is stressin me out

Furious: baby what are u doing

Wedge: waiting for you to stop calling me baby and start setting up our damn fantasy basketball league.

Furious: do u have my acc number

Wedge: you just need your yahoo password.

Furious: Baby I have to be w u 2nite. I dnt care where

Furious: Tell me u gonna be w me

Furious: baby where u gonna be at when I get off

Wedge: um, we live like 10 hours apart. when do you think i should draft dirk?

Furious: round 11

Wedge: there's no way i'm waiting until round 11!

Furious: where u gonna be at baby

Wedge: on my computer, pre-ranking for our draft as soon as you set this thing up!

Furious: k ill call when I get off

Furious: do u wanna get out n drink

Wedge: dude, can you just set the league up?

Furious: k im going to the condo in a min

Wedge: good. i'll let everyone know we'll draft this weekend.

Furious: they asleep babe

Wedge: it's like noon. i'm pretty sure everyone's at work.

Furious: k

Furious: u want me to open the gate

Wedge: i don't even know what that means.

Furious: its open

Furious: im going to the store

Wedge: dude, i'm just gonna set the league up myself.

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