Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bringing back the Bullets!

As Wedge heads back home to the DC area, I might as well quickly make fun of his hometown basketball team!

If Washington had only kept its former nickname, it would only be fitting that the team's star player is pulling out a gun in the locker room. (And come on guys, he was just joking! You know, the old "bring a gun to work and pull it out on my friend" joke!)

But imagine if every team had to have its mascot/nickname in the locker room! I mean, a jazz trio in Utah or a magician in Orlando could add a little fun to a typical locker room setting. But I don't think the folks in Minnesota or Chicago or even New Orleans would be in favor of this idea. I don't know what the hell you'd have in Philly or New York. But it's winter, so I'm hoping Miami already has this under control.

Of course, if this became a rule, I have a feeling we'd see some name changes. The Los Angeles Strippers?

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