Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charles Barkley SNL: Overall

This was OK. An average SNL following two average NFL playoff games. (Hopefully we'll have a better NFL Sunday?)

I feel like we kind of got less of Barkley than we usually get from other hosts as far as screen time goes. He wasn't in Weekend Update at all and he was left out of a couple of the digital things. Why couldn't Alicia Keys make a booty call to Charles Barkley? It would've been different obviously, but I'm sure the writers could've done something with that.

Also, Wedge brought up a good point. There should've been a skit about a company's pick-up basketball team with Barkley. This easily could've replaced the awful company retreat sketch.

Missed opportunities or did the SNL writers just not know what to do with Charles Barkley?

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