Sunday, June 27, 2010

Furious Wedge Becomes Grab Bag Sports

Roughly three years ago, after a good 6 years spent writing separately about anything and everything, my good friend Mike and I decided to open up a new collaborative avenue, specifically to talk sports... or at least of all things, find a place to bitch about the Bowl Championship Series.

It was a very on the fly decision (one we never really expected others to find, let alone read) and when Blogger asked me for a name to type in, Mike just took two of our numerous obscure online handles/screennames (my 'SandWedge' and his 'Ron Furious') and smashed them together... I believe it went something like:

Me: "So what should we call this thing?"
Mike: "hrmm..."
Mike: "How about, Furious Wedge.... hah, thats just nonsense"
Me: "Seems perfect"

And alas, that's really the entire story of how SandWedge and Ron Furious became Furious Wedge. Maybe one day we'll explain the nicknames. While I know we'll both still complain about the BCS (because it still sucks), but quite a few things have changed, most notably; neither of us live in New Orleans anymore. We've gone from a few posts about football to covering just about every sport that gets any kind of mainstream coverage. There was a time when only I contributed because Mike was just a tad little busy with a new baby.

Then there was the start of our now annual Blogathon, an event conceived almost as well as our name: "hey do you think we could actually live blog the entire Daytona 24 race?" The event had over 20 different guest bloggers posting in a 2 day period with Mario Kart and chat rooms, ridiculous, but so perfect. There have been a few attempted additions to the staff to no permanent avail, and there's been times when I've talked almost primarily IndyCar Series. I still find it almost ridiculous our site is hit regularly by people in more than 30 states and 20 countries.

The one thing we know for sure at this point is that we are at our best without much in the way of rules, but more in the line of...well... humor. We've never been a place to just republish the news with a link; and we don't generally take much of this stuff TOO seriously, at least not as much as we analyze or make fun of said news. To date, the only hiccup we've found is with our nonsensical name; quite a many people think of me as a single person called "Furious Wedge," due to my own fault in creating a twitter account with that name; or we just get too many blank stares when trying to cover events in person as a member of the media.

We plan to continue to do the same thing we've always done, only with a little change of scenery, and a much anticipated addition to the cast. We're glad to welcome in the awesome Andy "SpeedGeek" Miller, and also welcoming back Ryan "Deuce" McLaughlin who, I kid you not, took a leave of absence because he couldn't get internet at his new house due to being too rural!?

So knowing that we were getting this band together provided a good time for a renaming; only we needed something that would accurately portray this random selection of sports talk, and what better than the infamous bag of random mysteries. Are you going to get a rookie Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card, or even that Billy Ripken card with the curse word on it, or add to your collection of Oil Can Boyd? (my apologies to any of our readers who have never had the joy of collecting baseball cards).

And with that, I'll just say, as always, thanks for reading this nonsense :)


Anonymous said...

Nice new look! No secret that I'm a racing guy so that's why I'm here, but I love that you guys cover all sorts of stuff (even the stuff I don't 'get'). I'm looking forward to seeing what the expanding line-up brings and glad you've managed to prod Andy into blogging more often!

How do I get this thing to link to my blog but show up with my actual name?

Allen Wedge said...

testing to see what mine does when I post