Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taking a break from sports...

So I had a pretty tough week at work last week. I mean, nothing too stressful. A little travel. Almost had to put in a little overtime, but in the end, I got the job done and did what I had to do.

The next couple of weeks could be a little challenging. Probably not as bad as last week, but I'll have to stay on my game.

The good news is that, in a few weeks, all my hard work for this year will be out of the way. Seriously. From October through January, I'll basically just have to show up on time to keep my position here! LOL. It's almost a joke.

These other guys around here, like Joe and Frank and Bob... their tough part of the year hasn't even started yet! I'm going to be enjoying autumn and Halloween and Thanksgiving with my family soon, and these guys are going to be struggling every day just to survive! We're talking tons of travel, traveling to places I'd never want to have to go and work myself. (Good thing I don't have to, LOL!) Meanwhile, everyone will be talking about how awesome I am!

Yeah, it's pretty sweet around here these days. I really like the new system. I'll never really be measured against Tom and Bob and Frank. They do their work, I do mine. Sure, if we had to compete against each other in some way, it may be better for the company, its employees, our clients, and everyone involved. And who knows? I might be better than they are after all. But, hey... why fight it, you know?

The best part is that, at the end of the year, if things fall into place, I'm gonna get an award that says I'm the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR! I'll get a big raise and everyone will celebrate me and how awesome I am. Life is pretty great right now. For me, at least.

Oh wait... you know what? I forgot...


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