Monday, January 28, 2013

A Couple of Things I Missed

So after falling asleep a little early last night, I woke up to some crazy post-Blogathon news. Upon hearing these things, I thought maybe I was still asleep and was only dreaming. Yet the internet assures me that these things are both true.

1. Jackson Strong apparently showed up at the X Games with a snowmobile and was allowed to participate despite the fact that everyone knew he had no experience. To make things even crazier, he had a special move he wanted to try out. At the X Games!

This is insane, right? Remember when Michael Jordan tried baseball? There was a Spring Training, minor leagues, and ultimately failure. They didn't put him in the All-Star Game! This is from ESPN's site:

During Strong's first attempt at the trick, he crash-landed and saw his snowmobile continue to run when it hit the ground. The machine caromed into the crowd, eventually running into a fence before it was approached and turned off.

A spectator caught in the collision had his right knee evaluated on site before being released, according to X Games Medical. 

2. Jeff Saturday, NFC Pro-Bowler, SWITCHED TEAMS to snap the ball to his former quarterback Peyton Manning. What?? Imagine if Manning had been sacked and hurt on the play, re-injuring the neck, ending his career. This game is a joke, and this proves it. Can't wait for the MLB All-Star Game next year when they let Albert Pujols take a swing for the NL.

I don't have a problem with the gesture taking place in the Pro Bowl, because I know the game is ridculous. I do have a problem with the league pretending that this is a meaningful event in any way. This was, at best, a Minor League Spring Training move, bro.

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