Sunday, January 27, 2013

Headed for Another Five-Hour Match?

These guys (Djokovic and Murray) are both really just too good. They are each at a point in their careers, where if they are both healthy, their matches will always be like this. I actually feel fortunate to be able to watch two great athletes who are equally talented and also equally respectful of each other. Men's tennis seems (to an outsider, at least) to have a sportsmanship thing going on right now that is unrivaled in some other sports. And while I don't necessarily want Saints defenders having a beer with Matt Ryan the night before a game, this is quite different from the current display of trash talk and (often unjustified) conceited attitudes from many of our athletes in team sports.

There are some examples, of course, like the story from a couple of weeks ago when Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis shared a moment after their playoff matchup. But those are rare.

As Djokovic takes the third set to go up 2-1 now, I honestly don't care about this particular outcome. These two will trade wins over the years, but most of the matches will be exciting to watch.

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