Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soo... Windows 8 is fun

So I got a new computer and decided, what the hell, lets try Windows 8 with this one. It actually hasn't been that bad getting to know it but Twitter better come up with a Windows 8 app quick, because all these 3rd party tweeting apps for 8 suck. I've lost like 30 tweets over the course of blogathon.

Step 1: type it out, hit tweet button, watch it not post to the internet, repeat process.

...Step 2: beat head against wall


Mike said...

I appreciate that you keep repeating Step 2, knowing that it will keep happening, yet remaining faithful to the process.

Pat W said...

For my sins I'm still using XP (not for much longer) and the clients for that are just as bad, I can't find one that works properly.
All of them are memory hogs, they like crashing, or don't receive all tweets or don't post.
My current one (Janetter) gets all tweets but tells me it had an error when sending a tweet.. except there was no error and it did send. But I'm never sure! It crashes a lot as well.

Frustrating when Tweetdeck used to be so good.