Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tecmo Super Bowl Fun

If you've been reading our blog for any amount of time, you're likely aware of my feelings about Tecmo Super Bowl and wouldn't be surprised to know that I probably play it more now than most of us did back when it was the raddest game available. In fact, there are so many fun quirks to this game that I am either remembering after all these years or realizing for the first time.

We all remember Bo Jackson and Christian Okoye completely annihilating our players and running with super turbo speed, particularly late in season mode. But there is so much more. Below are just a few of the ways that Tecmo keeps us on our toes, even in 2014.

  • Quarterback season stats have a cap of 63 passing touchdowns. I didn't remember this one and was pretty upset when I had to go count all of my players' receiving touchdowns the other day during my late-season surge toward 100 passing scores. Why was there a cap? Did they assume we must've been cheating if we got that high? Why 63? Not 60 or 65?
  • The same guy coaches every team. Seriously. Whenever they announce a division winner during season mode, the players are all celebrating with the same exact coach. Laughing white guy with a hat. Every time.

  • When you tackle the computer's player in the endzone for a safety, he gets up and keeps running. It's like he's completely ignoring reality while acting like an All-Pro player who is eluding all tacklers. Sorry, Johnny Hector. We're on the bench celebrating our two points already. Can you please bring that ball back so your team can kick it to us now?
  • The computer does not care how many of your players are injured. I recently had three of my four running backs out, forcing me to play a receiver in the backfield for two games. No free agent signings.

  • Fumbles void all stats. If you complete a 90-yard pass and then fumble, you will not get the stats for that play. This even counts if you make the computer fumble following a touchdown.

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